MISSION OPPORTUNITIES: The need is relational more than task driven. We have an ongoing partnership with the Virgin Islands Parks and Recreation Dept. facilitating sports camps and youth events. We partner with the local schools, and with the local rotary club with the result of Freshwater Church being viewed as an active positive member of the community. Our mission is a mission of presence and participation in the community while we present the gospel.

TARGETED MISSION OPPORTUNITY: Freshwater Church continues to seek a praise and worship team member or couple to possibly spend up to six months on the island. There are plenty of job opportunities in the service industry during high season which is from November through April. This person or couple would be self-starters, relational, talented, flexible, and have a desire to understand how missional communities develop.

We hope that you will come and experience what God is doing on the island. It is truly unique. I would ask you to PRAY and be ready to meet people as you find them. Begin conversations with them and you will be amazed at what God is already doing. Not only do we need your help in advancing the Kingdom of God on the island, but we want you to enjoy your time. St. John is regularly cited as one of the top ten vacation destinations in the WORLD. You will enjoy beaches that are beyond description with snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and marine life in a way that is uniquely available in the Caribbean.

If you are interested in finding out more about serving on the mission field in St. John through Freshwater Church, please send us a message or visit our Contact Us page. We would be delighted to send you an informational letter on the process of serving with us.

We are immensely blessed by your interest in getting involved with Freshwater Church, and we hope to see you soon!


  1. Robert & Nancy & Jessica Kraus says:

    Please let us know how we can serve and find employment so we can pay our way.


  2. Natalie says:

    Hello I would love to get some information on how to help serve with you all there on the island. Thank you Natalie


  3. amyvank says:

    We have such a heart for St. John. We have prayed for the people there since our 1 visit a few years ago. I love that a fellow Hoosier seems to be involved! We were struck by the sadness in so many of the eyes of the people there, compared to the joy of a group on the ferry on the way to their chirch. They live in paradise but had no joy. We would love for you to pray with us about what God could do with is there. My husband is a licensed mental health counselor, I am an assisted living director. We have years of experience working with troubled youth. And we are open to anything that would say that God is opening the door to join you.


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