We actively monitor our Facebook page (@FreshwaterChurchVI), so that is a great place to learn more about us and to contact us through Facebook messger. Other contact information as follows:

Pastor John’s Contact Information-

Phone: (703) 283-2723 Call or Text.

E-mail: Freshwaterchurchvi@gmail.com.com

Address: 5000 Estate Enighed, PMB 473, St. John, VI 0083

Freshwater Church St. John USVI


  1. Timber Powell says:

    Hi, my name is Timber Powell and I’m a small town girl from Kernersville, NC. Last July my family and I visited St.John and I absolutely fell in love with the Island. Ive wanted to come back ever since we left, and eventually make it my new home. For now, I would love to come back and volunteer to help restore the Island as much as I can. I’m running a little low on money, and have been searching for places to stay. Do you know of anyone I could stay with for an affordable price, or maybe even anyone that I could help put their homes back together and volunteer for housing?

    Thank you,
    Timber Powell


    • Hello Timber. Thank you for contacting us. We love St John too!!! 🙂 Housing on St John is always fairly expensive, and in this post hurricane season housing is scarce. Many semi-affordable options were damaged or destroyed. We even have one regular attender of our church who is living in a tent and a couple others who are living aboard damaged boats. If you are able to find a place, you may want to contact the http://thestjohnfoundation.org/programs-and-services/stj-voad to see if they have a way for you to help. Alternatively if we have a team working on island at the time you are here, you are welcome to join them in their daily efforts.
      Finally – if you use Facebook, I recommend keeping up to date with us there @FreshwaterChurchVI
      In Christ,
      Pastor John


  2. Roger King says:

    Today one of my favorite Pastors passed away Billy Graham was a special Pastor so glad he is with Jesus Christ , I have to tell you that I have 4 Pastors that have Made a difference in my life Terry landsdale John Hill Charles Stanley and Billy Graham These Men of God have taught me so much so lucky Christ has put these special men in my life to preach the word of God I look forward when were all with the Lord rejoicing with Him God Bless Everyone! Heard a song yesterday, Don’t say anything just say Jesus , That says it all


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