Natasha Tunnicliffe reflects on her internship – Summer 2017

Wow, as I sit down to write about my time in St. John it is with mixed emotions, because it means that my time on the island has come to an end…but there is so much good to reflect on! There was so much good that God did, so many amazing experiences and new friends […]

Addison Falls shares her heart after serving at Freshwater, summer of 2017

So the summer has come to a close. This beautiful place I had the pleasure of calling home for the past 6 weeks. All the highs and lows of living on 9-mile long island of St. John are coming to mind. At the beginning of the trip, John Hill, co-pastor of Freshwater Church, Natasha, my […]

The Underground Movement

Let me begin by apologizing for the radio silence for 2 months! We did not receive some of the testimonials I promised you, so the blog was left inconclusive for too long. So much is going on with Freshwater, and we can’t wait to share all of it with you. But I am quite wordy, […]