unnamedFreshwater Church Virgin Islands is an intentional church plant on St John, USVI, established March 2013 by church planters, Terry and Marta Lansdale as affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, NAMB, and the Puerto Rico Southern Baptist Convention.

Freshwater Church maintains its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention and aligns doctrinally with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. We are a member of the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association, and partner with several churches in the states from other Associations.

CULTURE: St. John is a cultural mix of people whose permanent residents are predominantly West Indian. Some traditional denomination and non-traditional churches exist on St John, but the society as a whole mirrors other post-christian regions. English is the predominant language.

ISLAND LIFE: St. John is 19 square miles of semi-arid island. Eighty percent of the island is a national park with about 6000 full time residents which will swell to about 15,000 people who live on St. John half to three quarters of the year. This group also considers St. John home. Additionally, over 500,000 people visit St John annually as tourists. St. John is a “second world” type of community with respect to economy and service. We are a territory of the United States which is a step below a Province such as Puerto Rico.


  1. My sister has lived there for 40 years. I would like to bring a mission team down to help clean up, rebuild, Fun day for kids, or whatever we can. We are SBC church in Marietta, GA. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church would like to connect with you and operate through you.


    • Hello Peggy,
      Thank you for contacting us. We are currently coordinating having church teams come and aid recovery on St John. We are doing this coordination through our Facebook page which can be found @FreshwaterChurchvi
      Please send a Private Message to us through that Facebook page and one of our coordinators will begin the dialogue with you.
      Thank you,
      Pastor John Hill


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