Summer Interns: Shannon

24 Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. ” 1 Chronicles 16:24

Freshwater friends, please take a moment to read a testimonial from one of our summer interns, Shannon, and be blessed!


I still can’t believe, as this summer wraps up, that God would choose to use me, a very imperfect person, to be a part of His work. I came to St. John from New York City where I live and work as a 1st grade teacher. I had the opportunity to meet Freshwater Church and serve on St. John on a week long mission trip last summer. I’m thankful that God’s grace has brought me back here to St. John for 6 weeks this summer!

This summer has been amazing. I’ve sure sweat a lot, but I think I laughed even more. The people I got to serve with from Freshwater Church brought so much joy to the work we did here and to my experience here. My favorite part of serving here was definitely getting to build relationships with so many kids on the island. I had a blast coaching t-ball and basketball. I got to see kids grow in their skills, and hopefully they felt loved, too!

I also got to serve in some new ways. I’ve never scrubbed a bounce house or sat on top of a tin roof and painted before, but I’m so thankful for those new experiences and opportunities to serve the community. I pray those are practical ways that people of St. John can know that they are loved. If one person turns their thoughts towards God and His love when they look at newly painted bandstand or jump on the bounce house, it will be well worth it!

Even more than these projects, though, what I loved about being on St. John for a longer period of time was getting to be genuinely involved in people’s lives here. I have been so blessed by so many people here who showed me around, shared meals, prayed for me, gave me rides, helped me solve some unique island problems, laughed with me, and shared their life with me. God knew exactly who I needed to met and spend time with this summer. I am going back home with a fuller and softer heart after this summer. I look forward to continuing to live on mission back in New York. Glory to God for this experience and all He is doing on St. John 😊

IMG_1839 IMG_1833 IMG_1512 IMG_2001 IMG_2100 IMG_2109 IMG_2112 IMG_2108 IMG_2111 IMG_1866 IMG_2106 IMG_2101 IMG_2107 IMG_2110 IMG_2103  IMG_2102 IMG_1877Please join us in praying over Shannon and her future ministry and in praying that God will cultivate the seeds Shannon has sewed in St. John to reap incredible fruits! And check back soon for Brit’s testimonial from her summer with Freshwater!

In His Service,

Shannon and Freshwater Church

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